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Caitríona McClean

Traffic and Transport

Integrated Plan

Here is a summary of transport proposals I am working on:

Additional text coming soon.


Traffic and Transport Issues in Dublin Mid-West


  1. The 239 bus should have it's route extended to Blanchardstown Hospital. Presently the the 239 stops at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre despite the hospital being only one stop away. Elderly and Infirm people trying to get to Blanchardstown Hospital must stop at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and wait in the cold for a second  bus just to travel one stop. This is especially inconvenient for old-age pensioners with limited travel allowance.

  2. The 25 bus must be retained due to increasing demand. 

  3. A 25 E Express bus route should be added to avoid unnecessary delays while going through Foxborough. The bus would take a left on to Outer Ring Road after Griffeen Avenue. This will reduce waiting times at Woodies.

  4. The Roundabout at Griffeen Avenue. There is a major traffic problem between this roundabout and the Outer Ring Road mainly due to school traffic and the general morning rush hour. This junction is the main access route for most of this area and it's also the cause of a major bus problem. The  solution is to build another lane using the available land already marked for development behind the railings, with the existing trees left to act as a centre divide. This can be done quite easily when the Clonburris building development starts.

  5. The Excessive delays on the Newcastle Road near Esker Church. The solution is to reline the road markings to provide an additional traffic lane towards the N4 from the Supervalu roundabout. 

  6. Beech Park/Esker Lawns drivers are unable to access the main road in the morning rush hour. There is a strong case for having traffic lights at this junction which I will pursue.


Traffic in Clondalkin Village is very congested. I have been approached by a local resident with a possible solution. The proposal is to convert Convent Road/ Boot Road into a one-way street up until Fonthill Road. There would be two options to return to the village. Go left on to Fonthill Road and left again down Newlands Road. Alternatively you could take a right on to Fonthill Road and take a right again down Old Nangor Road.


Newcastle is a fast growing area with new houses under construction. This will significantly add to the traffic delays in the area unless a new road is built . In my view, a new road is needed to link the N4 and the N7. The route I suggest would go alongside Baldonnell Airport, beside Peaumount lands, to Adamstown railway station, linking to the M4 at Leixlip, Hewlett Packard. This road has the potential to ease traffic in Newcastle, Lucan, and Clondalkin


There are serious traffic problems for people exiting Rathcoole villiage in the morning rush hour. Residents are telling me that Rathcoole is completely hemmed in. The main cause of this is commercial vehicles trying to access Greenogue Business Park from the city direction. A temporary solution is urgently needed to deal with the problem immediately, until a permanent solution is found.

Our proposed temporary solution is to restrict commercial vehicles from using the bridge in this congested area between the hours of 7am and 9am. In the case of urgent necessity, commercial vehicles can use an alternative route via Baldonnell. In the meantime a traffic garda should be assigned to the area

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