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Caitríona McClean

Fianna Fáil Press Release: 27/01/2020

McClean calls on Citizens Assembly to examine Cannabis use

Dublin Mid-West general election candidate, Caitriona McClean, is calling for the issue of cannabis use to be examined by the Citizens Assembly.


The Fianna Fáil candidate explained, “The debate over the regulation of cannabis has become significant, to the extent that I believe a full examination of all of the issues involved is required. 


“I am calling for Cannabis use to be examined by the Citizens Assembly.  This would allow representatives of ordinary people to look at all the issues involved with the aid of information and advice from a range of experts.


“It's an extremely complex issue.  There are several strands to it including the use of cannabis for medical purposes, the use of cannabis for personal use, and the associated healthcare services in terms of treatment and intervention.  It is not about pushing for a outcome. It’s about the need for a thorough examination and discussion, which I believe could be well facilitated by the Citizens Assembly.


“It is Fianna Fáil’s position that we should look at introducing delayed criminalisation for personal use so that services are directed towards proper treatment and intervention. This would mean that healthcare is prioritised over the criminal justice or prison system that only reinforces addiction and deprivation.  It is important that this model would be properly constructed and formalised to ensure that people with drug addiction are given the chance to overcome addiction.


“Fianna Fáil is happy to support any measures that provide for cannabis-based medicines being prescribed by qualified medical professionals to alleviate suffering. We believe this should be strictly controlled and the use of cannabis and cannabis-related products for medicinal purposes should be regulated like other medicines.”

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