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Caitríona McClean


I'm delighted to be added to the ticket for Fianna Fáil in Dublin Mid West for the general election. I'm looking forward to using this opportunity to raise awareness and increase discussion on important and vital topics that concern us all at this time.

See below a letter I sent to The Irish Times when I accepted the nomination.

Dear Sir,
It has become apparent that the electorate is more than ready to engage in choosing the next government. In my view, the present government is out of touch with the core values of the Irish people.

Fair play, equal opportunities and access to housing, education and health care are fundamental. This is far removed from where we are today.

Health and Housing are insufficient to meet our needs and the HAP housing scheme forms a key part of the problem, not the solution. Forensic accounting and the wellbeing and work conditions of front line staff in Health need urgent attention. Health now seems out of control and credibility is a real concern.

An essential part of prudent economic management is that our public transport must build on and expand on what already exists and investment must be done strategically to maximize the return as quickly as possible benefitting as many as possible. Vanity projects have no place at this time. This fundamental fairness principle must be understood by government.

Looking to the future and consequences of how we live today has become now a critical part of decision making. Creation and disposal of waste and its impact on the environment is no longer a specialist activity, it must be in evidence in all government decisions both locally and nationally and we must play a role beyond our shores in this. Targets must be set and met. Lifestyle change is required and this must form part of a national conversation to be meaningful.

None of this is rocket science but really a summary of the mindset of most sensible people who have concerns for others beyond their own front door. Why then are we so far from where we collectively want to be?

I suggest that if we are to debate politics and the need for change we must include a real debate about the collective responsibility of Cabinet, expectations of public service and the essential role of journalists and the independence of media and public broadcasting.

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